Welcome to wxCommunicator

wxCommunicator is a cross platform open source SIP softphone enabling users to make multiple calls, use several accounts, chat and create conferences. It is very configurable and should work with any VoIP provider. It is based on customized sipXtapi client library and wxWidgets 2.8.x GUI library and distributed under GNU GPL version 2 licence.

wxCommunicator 1.0.6

- technology update release
- compiled with wxWidgets 2.8.9 and sipXtapi 3.3.0 milestone 2
- wide band audio support - new codecs: Speex wideband, Speex ultra wideband, L16, G.726, G.722 - public and private conferences. Public conference is created on the selected line and all inbound calls join the conference automatically.
- conference join/split without call hold
- support for UPDATE, PRACK, sending SDP in 18x, late SDP negotiation
- new sip extensions: 100rel, timer, from-change, norefersub

wxCommunicator 1.0.5

- technology update release
- compiled with wxWidgets 2.8.8 and sipXtapi 3.2.0 stable

wxCommunicator 1.0.3a

- uses portaudio V19 from 11.2007, portmixer from audacity project both with custom patches to make it work well under Vista and various soundcards. Directsound and windows multimedia drivers are available in Windows.
- improved adaptive jitter buffer. Adjusts size according to network jitter.
- packet loss concealment (PLC). No more jitter buffer starvation due to gradually lost RTP frames.
- copiled with wxWidgets 2.8.6
- faster blind and consultative call transfer. Calls are no more but on hold. No more freezing during call transfer.

wxCommunicator 1.0.2

- added SIP PING, SIP OPTIONS, CRLF keepalive to sip proxy to prevent NAT binding expiration. Fully configurable.
- increased default SIP REGISTER expiration period to 120, as previous value was too low and some sip proxies rejected it. Increased maximum value for the expiration period.
- compiled with more recent sipxtapi, with many bugs fixed
- removed default identity and realm from wizard, as novice users didn't know how to fill them. With latest sipxtapi, realm is not necessary anymore and can be left empty in detailed SIP profile configuration dialog.

New developers welcome

wxCommunicator is a young project and needs devoted programmers and translators. If you are interested about this project, please don't hesitate to contact us.